Buff's Place

It's easy in the technical world to push reset. To reboot, and be anew. It's less simple of course in our real world. Trusting however, that sometimes it's the right thing to do, is what matters most to me right now.

First and Last Modified: 8 - 4 - 2016

I am asked often by my peers and friends how to start a website for their new business. They typically are seeking a cost effective, quick to implement and easy to manage solution. Through the process, they reach common stumbling questions:

  1. What do they want to achieve?
  2. What do they want people to know about them?

According to the Buff's Place archive on the very cool website 'Internet Archive WayBackMachine', it looks like the first iteration of this website went online in late 2011. It was an advertisment for my digital agency, 'Buff's Place'.

And then in 2014, I tore it down and uploaded a drawing of a tree.

Future Brendan, if you are reading this on the very cool website 'Internet Archive WayBackMachine', I hope you are well and present. Much love and respect, high five.

Instead of tackling the questions above, I offer this, the first iteration of my new Buff's Place website.

Thank you to html5reset.org for the template. You made it so easy.

Much love and respect,

Contact: brendan@buffsplace.com.au